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Water purifier has become an essential need for every household because the consumption of pure water plays a significant role in maintaining your family’s health and wellbeing. But what is more important is buying the best water purifier for home, which is reliable and can remove all impurities from water. Buying the top water purifier is a very critical decision to make since there are numbers of water purifier available in the market. Each water purifier has its own USP, which makes us even more confused to buy best water filter for home.

Well, there is no particular definition for the best water purifier. The best water purifier is the one that can remove the maximum number of impurities from water that too with extreme proficiency. In this article, we will provide your some useful tips that will help you to buy best water purifier.
Since there is a great demand of water purifiers, brands like Kent, Aquaguard, and Pureit, have brought a wide range of products to choose from. To make sure you get the most suitable water purification systems for home, here are some tips that will surely help to take the right decision.


1. Always check the purification process

To ensure that you drink pure water it is significant to know purification process is utilized in the water purifier. There are mainly three types of purification process

RO (Reverse Osmosis) Process.

RO process

It is the most effective method to remove 99% of the impurities from the water. It works on the principle of reverse osmosis. A semipermeable membrane is used which is made to allow water to pass through it. This filtration process can effectively remove all types of physical impurities like heavy metals, dissolved salts, and other chemical contaminants, thereby making the water safe for drinking.

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UV process

This process is used to kill the deadly microorganism present in water. A UV lamp is used in this process and water is made to pass through it. The high-intensity UV rays deactivate all the harmful microorganism, which can bring about many dangerous water-borne diseases. Since this process is only capable of killing the microbes in water but their bodies still present in water. Therefore, further filtration process is required to remove the bodies of the microorganism. UV water purifier is the best option for the areas having low TDS level.

Ultrafiltration Process

Ultrafiltration process is ideal for purifying drinking water where the TDS level of water is low. A membrane is used to filter out the impurities, this membrane is similar to RO membrane with bigger pore size. Unlike UV water purifier, UF water purifier which only kills the microorganism UF water purifier not only kill the microorganism but their bodies is also filtered out during ultrafiltration process. The biggest advantage UF water purifier is, it does not require electricity.

Is The water purifier you buy Retains the Essential Minerals?

This is the common problem with many water purifier, which also removes minerals of the water during the purification process. However, the presence of the minerals is significant because our body requires those minerals. Kent RO system is one of the renowned brands that uses TDS controller that helps in retaining natural essential minerals.

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Is the water purifier company certified?

As we all know the demand for water filters is growing day by day, many manufacturers have launched their products which make it difficult to get the best one. To deal with such situation certification is important. It gives us assurance that the water purifier has been tested and certified by the renowned laboratories of the world. NSF, WQA, CE, are the certifications that are given to a water purifier company.

Don’t forget to read reviews about the water purifier

Before buying any water purifier don’t forget to read water purifier reviews. You can scout online to read the reviews of the water purifier before buying it. This is the most unbiased opinion you can have directly from the customer who already used the same product.

Having access to pure drinking water is something that can decide the wellbeing of loved ones. Therefore, no compromise should be done when it comes to buying water purifier.

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