Water is our lifeline and being one of the most vital elements, its purity should always be given more importance. Talking about the purity of water does not mean that the supplied water or the tap water is pure and safe to drink. You need to filter the water properly, because it may contain harmful impurities, which may cause waterborne diseases. Purifying the water would ensure that you can drink safe water every time you want to. Thus, in order to filter the impurities, buying an RO water purifier become a necessity for every home. Buying RO water purifier is not that easy because the market comes flooded with different brands of water purifiers and each brand promises in delivering the purest drinking water. While purchasing a water purifier you need to look for different factors and also need to consider aspects like storage capacity, designed material, filter type and purification method. If you are planning to purchase water purifier, this RO buying guide would be helpful for you.

Why Buy RO Water Purifiers?

RO water purifiers are one of the effective purification solutions that are ideal for removing all the dissolved impurities from the water. These purifiers come with the semi-permeable membrane with a pore size of 0.0001 microns that blocks the physical impurities from water and releases filtered water. Besides, you can use the RO purifiers for purifying water where the TDS level is high.


Things To Check Before Buying RO Water Purifiers

  • Check if RO purifier has a sediment filter, as this can remove coarse impurities that are present in the water. Having the sediment filter in RO purifier would assist in increasing the life of the water purifier.
  • You need to look if the RO purifier has activated carbon pre-filter in it. This activated carbon filter can help in removing organic impurities present in water. The activated carbon filter can also help in absorbing all the bad odor and even the taste from water thereby making it suitable for consumption.
  • RO Membrane is a must for RO water purifier as this can help in removing dissolved salts, pesticides and other heavy metals like lead and arsenic from the water and make it fit for drinking.
  • Check if it has UV filter in it. The presence of UV filter would help in killing or deactivating the micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria, and parasites and provide you with safe drinking water.
  • Make sure the RO water purifier has Ultrafiltration, as well as this, can remove all the dead micro-organisms from the water and deliver clean and pure drinking water.
  • TDS Controller is also an important part of RO water purifier. During RO purification process, the filter no doubt removes all the impurities, but it also removes essential minerals like calcium and magnesium as well. The usage of TDS controller would play an important role in retaining all the essential minerals in water and make it fit for consumption.

What To Check More?

These are the things that you need to consider before buying RO water purifier. Beside this, you also need to check the storage capacity of the water purifier. At least it should have 8 to 9 liters of storing capacity this will allow you to have filtered water every time you want to. You should also check the body construction of the water purifier as this will ensure about the durability of the product. Also check if the purifier has quality certifications like ISI, WQA, and NSF as this would guarantee the authentication of the product.

These are the few things that you need to consider when you are looking for RO water purifier. There are many brands of water purifier like KENT, Aquaguard, Pureit, Havells and many others, which you can select according to your preferences. Buy a water purifier for your family keep them stay safe and protect them from waterborne diseases. Go through the RO buying guide so that you can pick the right model for your home.

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