RO Water Purifier Maintenance for Best Performance

RO water purifier is one of the most advanced purifiers in the world that is used to filter out all the impurities from water and deliver clean and pure drinking water. To guarantee efficiency and effectiveness, it is very important that you properly maintain your RO water purifier. The membrane after removing all the physical impurities might become inefficient thus if you don’t maintain your RO system, you may encounter bad taste and the smell in the water.

Why RO Water Purifier Maintenance  Is Important

If you don’t maintain your water purifier regularly, not only the water purifier will work improperly but the well-being of your loved ones will also be at risk. Therefore, it is very important that you service and maintain your RO water purifier regularly. This will ensure an increase in service life of the purifier. A high-quality RO water purifier can work up to many years only if it is properly maintained.

RO water purifier consists of filters cartridges, pre-filters and post-carbon filters that need to be maintained. Water Purifier brand offers free servicing of the product for a specific period of time and after that, you need to hire professional service engineer for the maintenance of your purifier. In order to make your purifier work for a long time below mentioned part is needed to be cleaned regularly.

Sediment Filters

To protect the RO membrane, water is first passed through the sediment filter, which filters out all the physical impurities, dirt, sand, and other sediments. You need to change this filter after every 12 months and if it is not properly maintained, the filter can get clogged resulting inefficient purification. If you don’t clean this primary filter, this can cause damage to the RO membrane as well.

Carbon Filters

The carbon filter is used to remove chlorine and other impurities which affect the taste and odor of water. The carbon filters must be replaced after every 12 months. If the carbon filters are not properly maintained, the performance of the RO membrane will be affected. You might experience changed in taste and odor in water.

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RO Membrane

RO membrane comes after sediment filter and it is designed to purify the supplied water that passes through it. The pore size of the RO membrane is so small that only the pure water particle can enter through it leaving behind all the other impurities. RO membrane is the most important part of the purifier. Therefore RO water purifier maintenance and cleaning are highly recommended to get pure and safe water. If the sediment filter and carbon filters are replaced at the scheduled time, then the RO membrane can work up to many years.

If you don’t replace the filters on time, this will not only harm the RO membrane but it also can cause less water production. Thus, if you find any decrease in the production of pure water from your RO water purifier. That might be an indication that your filters achieved the end of their life expectancy.

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