RO Water Purifier is a necessity in every home as the water pollution level is continuously increasing. Drinking polluted water can have drastic health effects as there are many harmful impurities present in it that cannot be consumed without purification. RO water purifiers can remove every possible impurity that can be found in the drinking water. Therefore, RO water purifier has become the most popular water purifier to get purified drinking water which ensures better health. Among the wide varieties of water purifiers available in the market, Kent Supreme RO water purifier is a leading water purifier with No Water Wastage technology. The blog discusses the features of the water purifier which makes it a preferred household appliance.

Kent Supreme RO Water Purifier Review 

kent-supreme RO Water Purifier


It is an amazing water purifier that doesn’t waste water as it comes with a dual storage tank. Kent Supreme RO water purifier uses Kent’s patented technology of double purification by RO+UV/UF to deliver pure and healthy drinking water. Kent supreme RO water purifier ensures that the drinking water is safe from any type of impurities. Below mentioned are the some of the special features of Kent supreme:

Save Water Wastage

People who use RO water purifiers are very much aware of the fact that during RO process lots of water gets wasted and drained out. The wastewater of RO water purifier cannot be used for drinking but it can be utilized for other purposes. Kent Supreme has dual storage tank of 9 Litres storage capacity of each tank. This water purifier is one of its kind as no other RO water purifier in India comes with a dual storage tank. One tank is for purified water which is used for drinking and cooking, another tank is for rejected water of RO water purifier. This rejected water can be utilized for cleaning, mopping, washing your vehicles like car and bike, and watering your plants instead of getting drained out, unlike other RO water purifier.

High recovery rate

Kent Supreme comes with 50% recovery rate which means more water will be recovered as purified water. To maintain the recovery rate of purified water, KENT Supreme also has an inbuilt auto flushing system that automatically washes the impurities on the surface of the RO membrane and more than 50% of water will be recover as pure water. This ensures the enhanced life of RO membrane and high recovery rate.

Double purification by RO+UV+UF

Kent Supreme uses its Patented Mineral RO technology of double purification by RO+UV/UF which can remove even dissolved impurities like heavy metals, dissolves salts, all type of impurities. The combined purification of RO+UV/UF is considered as the best purification combination. RO removes the heavy metals and dissolved salts, UV is used to kill all the harmful and deadly microorganisms and rest impurities can be easily removed with UF purification. The water purifier also has an inbuilt TDS controller that maintains the required amount of minerals in the drinking water which gets washed away during purification in other RO water purifiers.

Digital advanced alert system

Kent Supreme has UV fail alarm which will alert you if there is any fault which needs to rectify and also has filter change alarm which will be audible if there is need to replace them. This alarms will be audible and the machine will stop functioning till the filters are not replaced to ensure no impure water is delivered to you. All the functions of this water purifier are computer controlled that does not require any manual intervention.

Auto-start and auto-off features

Kent Supreme has an inbuilt auto on and auto off feature which automatically starts and stops the purification process. The water purifier has water level sensor that detects the level of water when the water reaches the max. Level the water purifier will stop functioning and starts the purification if its falls below maximum. So you will not have to start and stop the water purifier as it is fully automatic.

Certified for its performance and quality

Kent Supreme has been certified by NSF and WQA for its performance and quality. NSF and WQA are one of the best certification given to any water purifier. This ensures that this water purifier has been thoroughly tested to meet the standards of the well-known labs of the world and get certified. Kent supreme also certified by ISI, CE, and ROHS compliant. This is the reason why Kent RO systems being the leader in the water purifier industry as it not only claim that it delivers purified water but their certifications prove that they are the leading water purifier company in India.

Push-fit components

To avoid leakage in the water purifier all the fittings are push fit and for double protection against leakage, it has inbuilt O-rings inside the push fit fittings. Thus the all the fitting components are fully leakage proof.

Suitable for all type of water

Kent Supreme can easily purify water coming from any source such as bore well, overhead tanks, municipal supply etc. Whatever the source of water is this water purifier can easily the impurities in it and will give you the 100%purified water.

Other specifications of Kent Supreme RO water purifier

11 watt high powered UV lamp

Spin-welded RO membrane housing

SMPS to prevent voltage fluctuations

Non-breakable food safe ABS plastic body

High purification capacity of 15ltr/hr

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Kent Supreme is an amazing water purifier with unique features. The dual storage capacity makes it different from other water purifiers as it doesn’t waste water, unlike other water purifiers. With its rejected water storage tank, you can reuse the water for a different purpose other than drinking. Water is a precious gift of Mother Nature and it is our duty to conserve water and avoid wastage of it. Kent Supreme is a must have appliances in your home in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and utilize and conserve water.

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