Our body contains 70% of water and this makes is enough to realize that how important this element is for our health. Apart from carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, water is also an essential nutrient that your body needs the most. So, when we know water is a most crucial thing, why to risk our life drinking the contaminated water? Drinking impure water would make you ill and face several waterborne diseases. Hence, the only way to ensure that you remain safe is to drink clean water. There are many water purifier that can cleanse bacteria & dirt from the water and today, we will discuss on one of the most preferred water purifiers of the time and i.e. Kent Grand Plus.

Know About Kent Grand Plus RO Water Purifier


Kent Grand Plus is designed with one of the best purification membranes that can filter all the dissolved solid materials from raw water and make it safe for consumption. The body of the purifier is made of a food grade plastic material that ensures the durability of it. It has a transparent upper cover through which you can view the components that are added to it. You can also look the filters that are added to it.

The purifier has the perfect filtration technology that of RO, which is followed by UV and UF. With the help of this purification technology, Kent Grand Plus water purifier can remove all the dissolved impurities, chemical salts from water. Its UV technology deactivates the harmful pathogens from the water and delivers clean and pure water for your family. Drinking 100% clean and pure water would keep you safe from waterborne diseases.

Kent Grand Plus water purifier has a TDS controller that retains the essential minerals in the water. The purifier also has a sediment filter, activated and Post-carbon filter that removes solid particles, odor and any chemicals from water. In addition to these, the purifier also has auto on-off feature, smart alert alarms (Filter changing and UV disinfectant) and many others.

Some other features of Kent Grand Plus are mentioned below:

  • It is suitable for Purification of Brackish and Tap Water
  • It has wall-mounted design
  • The purifier has 8 liters of water storing capacity
  • High power 11 watts of UV lamp is added that can deactivate the micro-organism
  • Power consumption required for operation is 60 watts

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Benefits is Drinking Filtered Water


Installing Kent Grand Plus and drinking pure water would let you experience many benefits. Some of the health benefits of consuming filter water are mentioned below:

  • Improves your Digestive System
  • Strengthens your Immune System
  • Makes your Muscles Healthy
  • Reduces Heart Attacks and Cancer Risks
  • Flushes out toxins from body

The Bottom Line:

So, if you want to stay healthy and keep yourself safe from waterborne diseases, you should drink 100% pure and filtered water. Drinking filtered water is possible only when you use water purifiers like Kent Grand Plus, which is the most trusted purifier on the market. It is widely preferred by the patrons because of its double purification technology and the purification rate.

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