KENT Gold AS Gravity water purifier Review

Nowadays pollution has influenced every source of water that makes every single drop of water polluted. The level of contamination varies from place to place. Having a water purifier in home ensures pure drinking water and protects from various ailments. When talking about water purifiers KENT water purifiers is the one that has been the leader in the market for many years. KENT has a wide range of products from gravity water purifiers to RO water purifiers, UV water purifiers, and water softeners. This amazing brand has also introduced their smart chef appliances range that is unique and provides healthy habit. Today we will review KENT’s one of the best gravity water purifier KENT Gold AS.

KENT Gold AS Gravity Water purifier Features

This water purifier is the only gravity water purifier that comes with Arsenic removal. With its specially designed carbon filters, it can easily remove arsenic from the drinking water and makes it healthy to drink. It also has UF membrane which is ideal to remove bacteria and cysts. The best advantage of this water purifier is, it does chemical free purification that does not require any harmful chemicals such bromine, chlorine, or Iodine. Let us explore some of the features and specification of this water purifier.

High Storage Capacity

KENT Gold AS comes with a high storage capacity of 20 litres, which includes 13 litres storage capacity for purified water and 7 litres of raw water. This will allow you to have a continuous supply of purified water. This capacity if enough cooking food and for drinking of a family of 7-8 members.

KENT Gold AS Gravity Water Purifier
KENT Gold AS Gravity Water Purifier Features

Smart Design

This water purifier has an amazing tabletop design that can be placed on any flat surface. It can be easily installed and shifted from one place to other as it is very light weighted. This water purifier is suitable for all types of kitchen. KENT Gold AS is highly durable and all the fittings push fit that prevents any kind of leakage in the purifier.

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Specially Designed Carbon filter

This is the only non-electric water purifier that provides arsenic removal from the drinking water without with is specially designed carbon filters. This water purifier can effectively remove bacteria, germs and other impurities from the drinking water without using electricity.

Quality certification

KENT Gold AS has been tested from renowned labs such as CE for its quality and performance. This ensures that the water purifier not only gives pure drinking water but also it has been thoroughly tested and meet all the requirements of the testing standards.

Large Filter life

The filter life of KENT Gold AS is quite better than the other water purifies in this category. The UF filters in the water purifier need to replace after 4000 litres of water. Since KENT has nationwide service network, therefore, any issue in the purifier can be resolved promptly. It also has hassle-free customer support.

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It is the most economical water purifier that comes with excellent purification technologies and smart features. The gravity-based purification of this water purifier is completely chemical free so you don’t need to worry about any harmful side effect. KENT Gold AS received positive reviews among all the online stores for its optimum performance and quality. The cost of KENT Gold AS Rs. 3500 you can also avail discount by purchasing from any leading online stores such as Flipkart and Amazon. If you are looking for an economical water with some advanced features than this purifier perfectly match your requirements.

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