How does RO water purifier work

Are you planning to buy a water purifier? If yes, then it is better that you comprehend “how does RO water purifier works” before buying it? By checking the complete technical specification and studying the features of the water purifier is an ideal approach to fundamentally evaluate and judge the competency of an RO water purifier. So, read this article to find out what is reverse osmosis and how does RO water Purifier work.

To understand the working of an RO water purification system, we must know about the reverse osmosis process

What is Reverse Osmosis?


What is reverse osmosis?

However, reverse osmosis process sounds like a complicated process, but actually, it not that difficult to understand. Reverse osmosis is a water purification process in which a semi-permeable membrane is used to remove the molecules, ions, and larger particle from the drinking water. The pore size of the membrane is very small in which only pure water can pass through leaving behind all the impurities.

How RO water purifier works?


An RO water purifier usually consists of sediment filter, pre-filter, RO membrane, and post carbon filter. Before passing through the RO membrane water is made to pass through the sediment filter and carbon filter to remove the dust particles and chlorine from the water. As these impurities can harm the RO membrane and shorten the life of the RO membrane. Therefore to protect the RO membrane, sediment filter and pre-carbon filter are used. Water is then passed through the RO membrane under pressure, water atoms being smaller in size are permitted to go through the ultra-fine pores of the membrane, while the rest of the contaminants are obstructed behind. The purified water is stored in the storage tank and the impure water is rejected by the purifier.

During RO process only pure water can pass through the membrane. Moreover, there are also some essential minerals present in water that cannot pass through the membrane due to their bigger size. But these minerals play a vital role in the proper functioning of the body. Therefore these minerals should not be removed from the drinking water. To retain the essential minerals in water Kent RO system has inbuilt TDS controller in the water purifiers that maintains the natural essential minerals.

Every purification process is used to remove a particular type of impurities. Therefore, many reputed water purifier brands also use multi-stage purification, which is based on different purification technologies. This is required to make sure that each and every contaminants are removed from drinking water. The combination of RO-UV, RO-UF, and RO–UV-UF is used my many water purifier for the elimination of the impurities. Some of the best RO water purifier that offers excellent purification process:

Kent Superb Smart RO Water Purifier


Kent Superb Smart RO Water purifier

Kent Superb is the best RO water purifier in India as it uses the most advanced RO purification technology. This is a smart RO water purifier, which is equipped with many hi-tech features. Kent Superb Smart RO water purifier has patented Mineral RO technology that provides double purification by RO-UV-UF which is highly capable of removing each and every impurity present in drinking water. To retain the natural essential minerals of the drinking water it is equipped with TDS controller. Therefore it provides pure and healthy water which is ideal for human consumption. It has inbuilt digital touch screen interface which shows real-time monitoring of the purity and performance of water purifier. Even this digital dashboard is quite easy to use. This water purifier has all the necessary features which make it the best RO water purifier.

Features and Specification of Kent Superb Smart RO

  •  Double purification by RO-UV-UF that provides 100% pure water
  •  TDS controller to retain the natural essential minerals
  • Smart RO water purifier with real-time monitoring of purity and performance
  • Large Storage capacity of 9 litres
  •  Digital Touch screen interface
  • Computer controlled operation with Auto ON and auto OFF
  • UV Fail and Filter change Alarm
  • Non-toxic food safe ABS plastic body material
  • Leak proof performance with push fit components

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Aquaguard Geneus


aquaguard geneus ro water purifier
Aquaguard Geneus is also a nice product from Eureka Forbes. This water purifier comes with purification technology of RO, UV, and UF to give pure water to your family. The unique taste modulator of this water purifier allows you to adjust the taste of the water as per your preferences. The reserve mode in this water purifier is designed to give you user-friendly experience. Just a simple press on the switch will put purifier in a reserve mode which helps in extending the service life for 20 working hours. The LED indicator on the front of the machine shows the storage tank level and also indicates if there are some faults in the machine

Features and Specification of Aquaguard Geneus

  • Auto Detection of water to start purification
  • Reserve mode
  • LED display
  • I-filters to remove dust particles
  • Auto mineral Modulator
  • 7 litre Storage capacity

Pureit Ultima


Pureit Ultima

This list will be incomplete without Pureit Ultima, a water purifier from Hindustan Unilever. It uses the purification technology of RO and UV to give you purified drinking water. This wall mounted RO system is made of ABS plastic and also have the storage capacity of 10 litres. The advance alert functionality of this purifier notifies you to change the germ kill kit before 15 days. Pureit Ultima also comes with a purity indicator that shows the quality of raw water and purified water. The TDS modulator adds minerals to the drinking water.

Features and Specification of Pureit Ultima

  • Purification by RO and UV to give you purified water
  • 10 Litre storage capacity
  • Auto Start and Auto Off functions
  • Advanced alert system
  • Purity indicator
  • Food grade plastic material body

Now you know how an RO purifier works. Thus, it will help you to find out how efficient an RO is going to be. Hope above mentioned details will help you identify whether you are buying the right water purifier for your family or not.

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