Every time you drink water, you tend to check it from its outer appearance and if it looks clean, you drink it. But, do you know most of the people don’t even think of checking the water that they are drinking and this is the reason they get trapped with waterborne diseases. Water makes an approximately 60% of the human body so, you should drink optimal water, which is essential for human survival and that too pure water. The water that is supplied to your home or the water that you are drinking might contain different contaminants. It might contain chemicals, heavy metals, and even might cover potential allergens, which is harmful to the body, so this is why it is important to filter the water before drinking.

Reason to Filter Water before Drinking


There are many reasons that would explain the importance of purifying water before drinking and these are mentioned below:

  • By purifying supplied water you can filter out chlorine to make the water a healthier drink
  • Filtering would also eliminate lead from the supplied water and this will help avoid falling from waterborne diseases
  • Purifying the water would also reduce your carbon footprints
  • If you filter the water before drinking it would totally reduce the risk of cancer an even decrease medical related expenses
  • Drinking filtered water would also protect against gastrointestinal diseases

No doubt the supplied water or the tap water might contain harmful impurities, but you can turn it into healthy and that is by purifying it. By drinking purified water, you can easily minimize the exposure to contaminants and you can potentially reduce the risk of getting encountered with waterborne illnesses. Tap water seems to be clean but looking water that flows from the tap isn’t what it looks. The water travels miles thereby picking up different contaminants and making the water impure and unhealthy. Most of us don’t have a clue about the impurities in water and drinking polluted water can cause waterborne diseases.

How Can Water Purifier Be Helpful?

Now, the question is how to make the water healthy? Well, the best process is to use a water filtration system/water purifier. Ideally, it is not possible to have whole-house filtration systems, because it would cost a lot and it won’t be feasible for everyone. So, a water purifier is the recommended option for every home. Instal it and enjoy drinking clean and pure water. A water purifier can remove all the impurities from water and make it safe for drinking. There are many brands in the market that offers an excellent range of water purifiers, which you can purchase depending on your needs and budget. For those who are starters, it is not that easy to select the best water purifier. There are many aspects that you need to look.

Some of the things that you should look before purchasing a water purifier are:

  • Check for the most reliable brand and then the model
  • Look for the purification technology that the water purifier has
  • Check for the purified water storing capacity
  • Look for the model that is certified by the NSF or WQA. These are independent, non-profit groups that tests and verifies water purifiers and ensure that they hold the ability to reduce contaminants from the supplied water.
  • You should also study the customer review so that you comprehend more about the product before purchasing.

You can study the buying guide before you purchase any water purifier.


Now that you have comprehended what is on your tap and supplied water, you should be very careful while drinking water. The supplied water might contain a lot of impurities and harmful micro-organisms that can cause harm to your body and you can even face different waterborne diseases. To ensure that you stay safe from water-borne diseases, you should always make sure to filter the water before drinking. Consuming filtered water would always keep you and your family healthy. So, bring home the best water purifier and drink safe, pure and filtered water.

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