10 Drinking Water Habits You Must Follow This Summer

Everyone is well known for the fact that why water is important for us. Drinking sufficient amount of water is essential for all of us in order to stay healthy. Drinking water is beneficial for you in many ways which include, from improving digestion to a healthy and glowing skin. To maintain a proper healthy lifestyle it is imperative to have drinking water habits because every single cell in our body requires water to function properly. during summer it is even more important that your body needs sufficient amount of water.

Summer is the time when our body loses more fluids than any other season. Dehydration symptoms can be easily seen during the summer season. As the temperature rises, our body tends to lose more water through sweating, urination and even while respiration. Hence in summer, it becomes more important to stay hydrated and drink more water.

10 Smart Tips to follow during summer

For many people, it becomes difficult to get enough water because of their schedule. It becomes hard to remind themselves to drink sufficient amount of water. Here are some drinking water habits that you must follow this summer to stay hydrated

1.    Drink Water Right After You Wake Up

Drink Water Right After You Wake Up

Making a habit of drinking water in the morning is very important in order to take good care of your body and has amazing health benefits. It helps in flushing your bowel and cleans your body waste and removes all the toxins from your body through urination. Drinking water on an empty stomach is the method to cleanse your colon. It speeds up your metabolism and also gives a fresh and healthy start to your day.

2.     Drink water before every meal

Drink water before every meal

Always make a habit of drinking a glass of water 20-30 minutes before every meal. Drinking the water before a meal can reduce the calorie intake in your body and makes you feel full. It is also the best way to reduce weight.


3.    Always carry a water bottle

Always carry a water bottle

Carrying a water bottle with you is the easiest and excellent way of increasing the water intake during summer. If you will always have a water bottle with you than you might be more inclined to consume more water.

4.    Use drink water reminder App to track your consumption

Use Smartphone app to track your consumption

To keep the track of how many glasses of water you have finished can be very easy yet fun by using drink water reminder app on your smartphone. There are many apps that keep track of daily water intake. If you don’t like to install an app. You can set reminder or alarms in your mobile phone to remind yourself to drink water.


5.    Eat Your Water

Eat water rich fruit


Fruits and vegetables can be the good source of water that can help in increasing your daily water need. There are plenty of vegetables and fruits that have more water content in it like Cucumber, watermelon, strawberries, zucchini, radish, tomatoes, cherries, grapefruit, etc.

6.    Drink pure water instead of carbonated beverages

Drink pure water instead of carbonated beverages

What can be better than a zero calorie drink, instead of picking up the soda or caffeinated beverages pick a refreshing glass of water to make you hydrated all day long? Other beverages contain sugar that is high in calories but they also make you dehydrated.


7. Don’t forget to drink water before you sleep

Don’t forget to drink water before you sleep

Drinking a glass of water before going to bed is a healthy habit that everyone should follow. Drinking a glass of warm water before you sleeps gives you additional benefits. It prevents constipation, improves blood circulation, helps in weight loss, and provides your better sleep.

8.    Do not wait to drink water until you are thirsty Stay hydrated throughout the day

Do not wait to drink water until you’re thirsty

Did you know, by the time you feel thirsty your body already gets dehydrated? Drinking water throughout the day makes your body rehydrated all the time.

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9.    Flavor your water

Flavor your water

Drinking a plain glass of water can seem to be like torture if every sip of water is tasteless. In that to make your drinking habit interesting, there are many ways to go beyond the plain tasteless water. You can add some fruits into it like fresh fruits (lemon, grapefruit strawberries) herbs (mint, basil), and veggie slices (cucumber, celery) to add flavor to your water.

10.    Invest in a Water purifier

Invest in a Water purifier

During summer there are more chances of getting water-related diseases, therefore, it is necessary to drink pure. Since we need to drink water the most to stay hydrated during summer, therefore, it must be pure and healthy. Purified water tastes better than the tap water and it also protects you from the various disease. So invest in a water purifier for your home to get pure and healthy drinking water.

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Drinking water is the easiest way to stay healthy when you are properly hydrated your body can digest food easily, you stay energetic, think clearer and sleep better. So make the above-mentioned method your summer habit and be healthy in this hot weather.


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