Difference between RO UV and UF

Everyone want to drink pure water to stay healthy and protected from various harmful water-borne diseases. Due to the rapid increase in water pollution, it becomes impossible to get pure drinking water without using any water purification system in the home. Even the water coming from the public water treatment plant is not safe for drinking purpose. Therefore, water purifiers have become the most important appliance in every home. Every water purifier works on a particular purification technology. However, buying a water purifier becomes difficult when we don’t have sufficient knowledge about them. There are basically three types of purification process used in water purification, RO, UV, and UF. Here the question arises how to know which purification process will be the best for your home. To know which purifier is best for your home, you must know the difference between RO, UV and UF

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Difference between RO UV and UF


RO Water Purifier UV Water Purifier UF water Purifier
Removes all the microorganisms, dissolved chemicals Kills all the microorganism but their dead bodies still present in the water Removes all the microorganisms from the drinking water
It requires electricity It requires electricity It does not require electricity
Can Remove heavy metals Cannot remove heavy metals Cannot remove heavy metals
Need pre-filtration Water must be clear to let UV lamp work properly Can purify turbid water
Need electricity to increase the tap water pressure Can work with normal tap water pressure Works with normal tap water pressure


RO (reverse Osmosis) Water Purification

RO Purification of Water

RO purification is the most innovative and the best purification process used to purify water. RO purification process is highly capable of removing all the dissolved impurities the drinking water. If the TDS level of the water purifier is high then RO water purifier is the most suitable purifier to choose. It works on the principle of Reverse osmosis where a semi-permeable membrane is used to filter out even the minute impurities which cannot be seen with naked eyes. It is the only process that can remove even heavy metals and all dissolved chemicals from the drinking water.  During RO purification, water is allowed to pass through the membrane under high pressure leaving behind all the impurities and provides pure water to drink.


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UV (Ultraviolet) Water Purification

UV Purification of Water

UV purification process is used to kill all the harmful microorganism present in drinking water like bacteria, virus germs, and other pathogens. In this process, a UV lamp is used.  Water is passed to the UV lamp, because of the high-intensity UV rays all the microorganism are deactivated. However, the bodies of the microorganisms are still present in the drinking water. Therefore further purification is required to remove those bodies. If the TDS level of the water purifier is low than UV water is a nice option to go for.

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UF (Ultrafiltration) Purification of Water

UF Purification of water in UF Water Purifier

Ultrafiltration purification process is required in the purification of the water that contains low TDS level. This process is similar to RO process but the pores size of the UF membrane is slightly bigger than the RO membrane. This process works on the principle of gravity, therefore, it does not require electricity. Unlike UV process, Ultrafiltration process not only kills the microorganism but also flush them out from the drinking water and does not require any further purification. The UF water purifier can be used and maintained easily and does not require any help of the technician to install it.

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You must get your water tested before buying any water purifier. Since the market is flooded with many water purifiers therefore before buying any water purifier you must know all the features and specifications of that product. Kent water purifiers are one of the best water purifiers in India having the excellent range of water purifiers with advanced water purification techniques.


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