Myths about RO water Purification

Pure drinking water, without any doubt, is the most fundamental need for every human as 70% body is comprised of water. Water plays a vital role in almost every functioning of the body and it is the important source of energy. The importance of pure drinking water cannot be neglected. It is hard to get pure water to drink these days because of the alarming rate of growing pollution. Water purifier has become the most important appliance in every home to get pure drinking water because it can easily eradicate the contaminants from water. When you talk about drinking pure water, RO water purifiers are known as the best water purification systems. But there are lots of confusion and myths about RO water purification process. People often have queries like Is RO water safe to drink, RO water is good for health or not etc? In this article, we will discuss if these are myths or some proven facts.

Myth#1 RO Water Purifiers Removes Essential Minerals during Purification

The pore size of the RO membrane is so minute that only pure water can pass through it. Because the minerals are slightly bigger, therefore they cannot pass through the membrane. These minerals are essential for body in small quantity, the excessive amount of the minerals can cause many health problems. But a good RO water purifier uses TDS controller to maintain the essential minerals in the water. Therefore while choosing the right RO water purifier for your home you should always look for the water purifier that has the technology to retain the minerals.

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Myth#2 Reverse Osmosis is a slow Process

To remove every possible impurity from water and makes it safe for drinking purpose reverse osmosis purification does take time. But this is the reason why RO water purifier comes with a storage tank. With the storage tank, your will never have to wait to drink a pure glass of water. An RO can produce 60-litre water per day that is ideal for a family. RO water purifier with larger storage tank is also available in the market.

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Myth#3 RO Produce Acidic Water which is Harmful

People often ask, is Reverse osmosis water acidic? It is a typical misguided judgment that RO purifier not only removes the essential minerals but also brings down the PH level in the body. It has been found that water that has been filtered by properly functioning RO purification is one of the purest water available. Some people also have the misconception that acidic water also lowers the PH level of the body. But In reality, acidic water does not have any major effect in changing the pH balance of the body. Our body has natural tendency to balance the pH level of the body which is caused by slightly acidic variety.

Myth# 4 Carbon Filters can remove chemicals more efficiently than RO water purifiers

Carbon filters are very effective when it comes to removing any chemical from water such as chlorine, fluoride, iodine etc. Though RO membrane cannot remove the chlorine and other chemicals. No RO water purifier are made without using carbon pre-filters and carbon post filters. Apart from the chemicals, there are also many impurities in water which cannot be removed by carbon filters such as dissolved salts, harmful microorganism, and heavy metals. An RO water purifier can effectively remove all the harmful impurities thus provides healthy water to drink.

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Myth#5 RO Water purifier wastes lot of Water

Imagine a washing machine, does it waste water? No, it simply uses water to wash out dirt. Even the RO water purifier, it uses water to produce clean and pure water. You can also use the waste water of RO purifier for different cleaning purpose. Some water purifiers are not effective they actually waste lots of water. Kent has also launched World’s First No Water Wastage RO Purifier, Kent Supreme, which comes with dual storage tank. You can also utilize the rejected water for different purpose such as cleaning mopping, washing cars, watering plants etc.

Now all the myths about RO water purification are busted you can get the pure and healthy drinking water by introducing a decent RO water purification in your home.


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