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Water is a fundamental need of human being because, it does lot more than just quenching your thirst. Drinking purified water plays very important role in maintaining our health. Next to oxygen, it is the most vital element for a human being. Drinking pure water makes every single cell and organ system to function in a proper manner.

Everything from air to water and food is being influenced by pollution. All thanks to water purifiers now we can drink safe and pure water by just installing a water purifier at our home.

Before going to the list of best water purifiers 2016 available in the market, we must know a little about this. Most of the people usually get confused while selecting a water purifier by a wide range of products available.

While selecting the best water purifier it is very important to know what features and specifications a water purifier must have to make it the best in the market. The best water purifier is one which can purify the water with high efficiency and also retains the natural essential minerals.

Features that the best purifier can have are as follows:

Double Purification (RO+UV+UF)


TDS controller

The purifier must be equipped with the combination of RO, UV, and UF, this advanced purification system gives complete protection from the harmful impurities. This technique is capable of removing even dissolved salts and chemical from water.



As the name suggest TDS controller is a device which controls the TDS level of the water. Since water has some essential minerals which required for our body. Since, these minerals vanish away during Purification process. This device helps to retain the natural essential minerals of the water.

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Storage Capacity


storage capacity plays an important role because it ensures the continuous supply of purified water in the absence of electricity. 7-8 liter water storage tank would be appropriate for a small family.

Computer controlled Operation


Many water purifier comes with computer controlled operations. It controls all the important functions of the water purifier to deliver pure and safe water. There are also filter change alarms in a water purifier to notify when there is a need to change the filters. It comes with an auto on-off feature which automatically detects when the water needs to be purified.

After Sales Service


It is very important to know the after sales service of the water purifier. One should always go for the brand which has fabulous after sales service. Many of the customers complain about the bad after sales support from the company. They face lots of problems to get their water purifier serviced. There are many brands which provide excellent after sales service.

Installation and warranty


Always check the warranty before purchasing any water purifier. Mostly all companies give 1 year warranty on water purifiers. Installation details are also important to look for, as there are many reputed brands offering free installation. Many small companies also charge installation cost.

Reviews and Ratings



You must check the reviews and ratings of the water purifier if you are looking for the top water purifier. Therefore you can also visit some online stores like Flipkart and Amazon to check real customers review. Most of the customers are sharing their experience with the water purifier, it can give you the complete idea about the water purifier as they are already using it.

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Here is the list of Best Water Purifier 2016:


Product Name Rating Technology Storage Price Buy Online
Kent Pearlkent-pearl   4.9star RO+UV+TDS Controller 8 L 19,500/-  




Kent Grand+kent-grand   4.7star RO+UV+TDS Controller 8L 19,000/-  




Kent Supremekent-supreme-large   4.5star RO+UV+TDS Controller 9+9 L 20,000/-  






Pureit Ultimapureit-ultima   3.8star RO+UV 10 L 22,900/-  




Aquaguard Geneusaquaguard-geneus   3star RO+UV+UF 7  L 22,990/-  





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Hope the above mentioned details would help you to choose the best water purifier for your home .

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