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The fact that our whole body comprises of 70% of water is enough to make us realized that how vital is this element for our existence. Because of its increasing contamination, we should ensure that the water we drink is pure and free from impurities. To fulfill the demand of pure drinking water it is imperative to use a best RO water purifier in the home.

An RO water purifier is very effective in cleaning the impurities from raw water and make it safe for consumption. It can also remove dissolved chemicals in water that other water purifiers cannot remove. If the water that you drink gets polluted with poisons like Arsenic, RO water purifier can get remove it as well. A water purifier with reverse osmosis technology can also use in removing micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses from water because it comes with UV filter as well. Using RO water purifier would protect the user from all types of dangers pollutants and can keep him/her safe from waterborne diseases.

So if you are looking to buy a water purifier for your family, we provide you the list of best RO water purifier in India from top water purifier brands that surely help you to take a better decision and protect your loved ones from the hurt ailments caused by drinking impure water.

How Does It Work In A Water Purifier?

RO water purifier has pre-treatment filtration stage and that is sediment filter that at first stage removes all the physical impurities. The second stage is activated carbon filter that effectively removes chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste and odor from the water. After this stage, the supplied water passes from UV chamber, where all the micro-organisms like bacteria, virus, cysts and other pathogens are removed. The micro-organisms get deactivated as the UV light kills them and the ultrafiltration process ensures that all the dead microbes do not pass into the pure water. Thus, you can drink 100% pure water.

Best RO Water Purifier For Home

Kent Grand+



Kent Grand Plus water purifier is the best combination of smart technology and best purification. It offers double purification of RO, UV, and UF to give 100% safe and purified water. Its inbuilt TDS controller retains the natural essential minerals in the drinking water. This amazing water purifier is fully automatic and computer controlled with auto off and auto-on functionality and UV fail and filter change alarm allows you to know when there is a need to replace them. The installation of the Kent Grand Plus water purifier would allow you to drink completely safe and pure water.

Specifications of Kent Grand+ RO Water Purifier

  • Double purification of RO+UV+UF with TDS Controller to give 100% safe and pure water
  • Large storage capacity of 8 liter
  • Auto start and auto off
  • UV fail and filter change alarm
  • High-intensity UV lamp
  • Suitable for every type of water
  • Push-fit component to prevent leakage
  • Nontoxic food-safe ABS plastic body construction

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Aquaguard Geneus

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus

Next in this list is Aquaguard Geneus a well-known water purifier from Eureka Forbes. It uses the purification process of RO, UV, and UF which is quite efficient in removing all the harmful contaminants from the drinking water. The LED indicator on the water purifier acts as service and fault indicator, the water level of the storage tank can also be seen with the help of the LED display. With its G-tech function, it automatically detects the quality of the water and does the required purification according to that. It also comes with a reserve mode option that can extend the life of the filter for 20 hours.

Specification of Aquaguard Geneus

  • G-tech technology that automatically chooses required purification process
  • Auto Mineral modulator that adds mineral to the drinking water
  • 7 liter storage capacity LED digital display
  • Electronic Membrane life enhancer
  • Easy to use
  • High-intensity UV lamp

Pureit Ultima

Pureit Ultima RO water purifier

Pureit Ultima is also one of the best RO water purifiers. It is a nice product from the house Hindustan Unilever that uses purification process of RO and UV to provide safe drinking water. Pureit Ultima design looks nice with easy to use functions. This water purifier is suitable for every type of water. It also does not have UF purification which adds extra protection in getting the pure water. With its protection lock functions, this water purifier keeps a check on the RO membrane and which can be used stop the purification so that you never get contaminated water. The life of the germ-kill kit can be seen with the help of LED display on the front panel of the water purifier. It has a very nice water storage capacity of 10 liters. However, the maintenance cost of this water purifier is very high.

Specifications Pureit Ultima

  • Large storage capacity of 10 liters
  • TDS Modulator to add minerals in drinking water
  • Advanced Alert System
  • Auto start and auto off functionality
  • Soft touch water dispensing button
  • RO Protection lock
  • Neon Flash belt that illuminates by pressing water dispensing button

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Tata Swach Ultima Silver RO+UV

This water purifier can easily turn 2000ppm hard water into soft and healthy drinking water with its silver nanotechnology. This water purifier can easily remove all the harmful impurities such as germs, bacteria, heavy metals from the drinking water. It has a storage capacity of 7 liters, however, the storage capacity is quite low when compared to the other water purifier under the same category. It uses the purification technology of RO and UV but there is no UF in this water purifier which other purifiers have. The overall wall-mountable design of this water purifier looks good.

Specifications of Tata Swach Ultima Silver

  • Uses Silver Nana technology for purifying water
  • Voltage spike guard protection
  • 7 Litre Storage Capacity
  • Auto-flushing system
  • Single click opening that allows hassle-free servicing
  • Special Silver Safety to reduce the chance of bio-fouling

Livpure Touch 2000 Plus

Livpure touch 2000 plus is a good water purifier that makes the drinking water free from all the impurities. It has a wall mounted design that can spare the extra counter space on your kitchen and looks good. When it comes to purification process it uses the technology of RO, UV, and UF that provides safe and healthy drinking water. You will always have a continuous supply of drinking water even in the absence of electricity as it comes with the storage capacity of 8.5 Litres.

Specifications of Livpure Touch 2000 Plus

  • Purification by RO, UV, and UF
  • Taste enhancer
  • 5 Litre storage capacity
  • Multi dispensing
  • Filter change indicator
  • Food-safe ABS Plastic tank material


Amongst the above-mentioned range of water purifiers, you can find that almost all the purifiers stand to be the best. But, after comparing the purification technology, you would find that Kent Grand Plus is a better option. Moreover, if you compare the design it is again Grand Plus that wins the competition because of its transparent upper design that allows you to view the technology added to it. Besides the online price is also less compared to other purifiers. So, bring home the best water purifier and stay protected from waterborne diseases.

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