A.O Smith X8 RO Water Purifier Review

Our life is dependent on three important things that are food, air, and water and we should always ensure that we eat healthily, breathe pure air and drink filtered water. Drinking pure water is possible only when you filter the raw water using a water purifier. The market is flooded with a different brand of water purifiers and multiple models which you can opt for. Water purifier also comes with different purification technology like RO, UV, and UF and you should pick only after checking the quality of water that is supplied to your home. Today, we will discuss on one of the RO water purifiers namely A.O. Smith X8 and its technical features.

Detailed Review on A.O Smith X8 RO Water Purifier

Before jumping into the A.O. Smith water purifier review, let us first know about RO purification technology. RO water purifiers have a very fine membrane that can easily purify the water and make it completely free from impurities. It is only a Reverse Osmosis water purifier that holds the ability to remove the dissolved salts present in the water. A.O Smith X8 is also an RO water purifier that comes with superior technology and advanced protection.

It has 8 stages of purification technology and also comes with innovative Advance Recovery Technology™ that can save 2 times more water than any other ordinary RO water purifier. The purifier also holds the capability to recover more amount of water when compared to any other RO water purifiers in India. Owing to its excellent purification technology, you can ensure that you are drinking 100% pure water every time.

Some of the Technical Features of A.O. Smith X8 Water Purifier is:

Features Of A.O. Smith X8 RO Water Purifier - Giphy Image
Features of A.O. Smith X8 RO Water Purifier
  • Mineraliser Technology: The Mineraliser Technology comes added in this water purifier that ensures that the water is backed by all the essential minerals in it. Owing to the essential minerals, the water tastes fresh, natural and it also has balanced pH level in it.
  • Large Storage Tank: The water purifier comes with a large storage tank of 9 liters and that would ensure that you receive pure water anytime you want to.
  • RO with Silver Charged Membrane Technology: SCMT is the additional stage of purification that would help prevent microbial contamination inter in the water. The double protection would ensure that the water is purified and healthy to drink.
  • Advance Alert Technology: The water purifier also comes advance alert technology that would indicate when you need to change the filter or the RO membrane.
  • 8 Stage Purification Technology: A. O. Smith Green series X8 RO water purifier uses 8 stages for purifying water. The raw water that you drink passes through 8 Stage process starting from Pre-filter, Sediment filter, Carbon block, ART™, Patented Side Stream RO Membrane, MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) and ZX Double Protection Dual Filter*(SAPC + SCMT).

All these features would ensure that the water purifier is best in terms of purification technology and design. The purifier is designed using food safe, non-toxic, engineering grade parts plastics that explains its durability and longer service life.

The Bottom Line:

If you check the RO water purifier thoroughly you would find that it has all the excellent purification processes and other technical attributes added to it. The RO has 9 liters of water storing capacity and advance recovery technology that saves water from getting waste. All these sound great, but, I would like to draw your attention in few of its aspects like its price. The price of the product is Rs. 21,250, which I think is very high, because, with the same purification process, you can have other RO water purifier in India of other brands like Kent Supreme RO water purifier.

KENT Supreme also has same 9 liters of water storing capacity and another 9 liters to store rejected water in it, which is an added advantage that is missing in A.O Smith X8. A.O. Smith X8 also has advanced recovery technology that can save water 2x that other water purifier. Kent Supreme also has to save water technology that recovers more than 50% water as purified water and the price is just Rs. 16, 975. You can check the price here.

Pick the water purifier after properly comparing it so that you can pick the right one for your home.

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