After Sales Services – An Important Aspect While Buying Water Purifier

There are numerous diseases associated with drinking contaminated water. In urban cities, the situation is even worse. According to the analysis of municipal drinking water, in spite of government regulation, there are still numerous risky contaminants present in water. After knowing about these issues related to water, people are scared of drinking normal tap water. It has truly turned out to be important to drink pure water for healthy living. Many reputed water purifiers brands have launched their models of water purifiers and this has left the buyers confused.

A water purifier may look good on advertisement but there’s more to a water purifier than just the advertisement. After sales service is something which is equally important.

According to an article in The Economic Times, the VP and GM of American Express (World Service India) Mr Pradeep Kumar Said, “Customers want and expect high-quality service, especially as they focus on getting good value for their money in a difficult economic environment, and are willing to spend more with those that deliver excellent service.

We write about good and bad Water purifiers all the time in our water purifier buying guides. But what about the Water purifiers with good and bad after sales service? What if something goes wrong in the Water purifier? What will you experience then? We tried to figure it out so that you don’t have to.

Why After Sales Service Is Important While Buying Water Purifier

Many people have such misconception that a water purifier installation is a once and for all solution. It’s not. After-sales support is as important as the quality or functionality of the water purifier. You should be additionally specific before buying water purifier. After-sales support includes regular maintenance and replacement of parts etc.

Almost every water purifier needs to get serviced in every 2-3 months. Most of the RO water purifier and UV water purifier comes with the features of UV fail alarm and filter change alarm which is an important feature of the best water purifier. It will notify you when there is a need to change them. There are companies who take the time to respond after a service request is placed which makes hard to get your purifier serviced, obviously, you would not like to keep waiting for a long time.

Always choose a brand that offers excellent after sales service. You should first make sure that the company’s after-sales customer service is good enough and they remain on-call in case of any urgent requirement. Some of the trusted brand that offers superb after sales service as it feels bad when the customer relationship with the company is not good. The big brands also cost slightly higher price but their products are reliable as they use the best quality of filters and membranes which run for a longer time. It also gives the best result spending a little money for the best result is a better option.

Here read about the top water purifier brand in India having amazing customer support


Kent is the leading brand in India started in 1999. Kent has earned the trust of many customers and set up itself as the pioneer today by providing them water purifiers with most advanced technology that guarantees pure and safe water. This company has gained the fame in the water industry as they are using the innovative designs, advanced technology and day to day they upgrade the quality of their product. Apart from the excellent water treatment facility they also provide marvellous after sales service and value their customer which is the major reason that Kent has been the leader in the market for many years.

Kent has a wide range of water purifiers under different categories like Wall mounted water purifiers, Gravity-based UF water purifiers, under the counter water purifiers, inbuilt RO water purifiers with chiller, UV water purifiers and much more. Kent Grand plus, Kent Pearl, Kent Supreme, Kent Gold, Kent superb are the premium models of Kent.

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Next to this list is Aquaguard, it is the oldest water purifier brand. It is a brand of Eureka Forbes. This company was founded in 1982. They also have a wide range of products like UV water purifiers and RO water purifiers. The popular models of Aquaguard are Aquaguard Geneus and Aquaguard Magna. Their products are good but many customers have reported about some leakage problem in their water purifiers. You can read the reviews and rating of the products in some online stores like Amazon.

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This list would be incomplete without Pureit, a water purifier brand from the house of Hindustan Unilever. It is the third most selling water purifier brand in India. This water purifier brand is using the innovative technology of water purification. Many people are complaining about some service issue from Pureit is some areas. The most selling product pf Pureit are Pureit Ultima, Pureit Classic, and Pureit Marvella.

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Now that you are aware of the benefits of having the information about the after sales service you can choose the right water purifier for your home. You can also buy them from some online stores. You will not have to worry about the after sales service and warranty as this will be covered by the company. They also offer some discounted price than the nearby store.

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