5 Amazing Tips to keep Your Kids Healthy and Hydrated

Water is no doubt the best drink that everyone should drink whether kids or adult. However, it is hard to get children drink more water. Youngsters, with their little body weights and higher turnover of electrolytes and water, stay lack of hydration. Therefore, children have higher water requirement than adults. Kids usually do not recognize the early stage of thirst that makes them more susceptible to becoming dehydrated. By the time children feel thirsty they already become at least 3% dehydrated.

If your kids are super active, it is very essential to ensure they are drinking more water. Even if your kids are healthy they may also at risk of getting dehydrated. The risk of getting dehydrated is high for those kids who play outdoor sports. Yet whatever the personality of your youngster is, water is an absolute necessity for them.

Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Hydrated

 Here are some health tips for children that will help them stay healthy and hydrated.

Make Drinking Water Fun

Kids frequently neglect to drink water since they spend a lot of time in playing and drinking will put a transient stop to this. That’s why it becomes important to make sipping fun for them. Give your kids drinking mugs or travel water bottles in their favourite colours or enhanced with their most loved characters. It will add fun to their drinking and makes it much less of a mundane task for them.

It Doesn’t have to be Water

We all know water is the best way to keep your body hydrated. But you can make it more interesting by adding little flavours in it. There are many fruits and vegetable that have high water content such as watermelon, strawberries, cucumber, etc. You can offer them watery fruits and vegetables for snacks.

Water Must be Easily Accessible for Your Kids

Make sure water is easily accessible for them so that they can drink it whenever they want. Make a healthy habit for your kids to carry a water bottle with them. If they cannot reach the sink or water tap of the refrigerator. Put easy to use water dispenser or mugs in a place where they can easily reach.

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Set Reminders for Drinking Water

You should create a reminder for drinking water for your kids so that they do not forget to keep drinking water. This can be a chart on your refrigerator on which kids can mark each time when they drink water. You can also set a reminder on your phone is your outside your home.

Be Prepared

Always stay prepared with a water bottle whenever you go out with your kids. Carrying water bottles always with you will ensure that your little one will always have constant access to water. Always keep your bottle filled with water in your refrigerator so that your kids can grab them any time to drink.

Hope these tips will help you to ensure that your kids are healthy and hydrated throughout the day. Make sure the water provided to your children is pure invest in a good water purifier to get pure drinking water.


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