Amazing Facts About Water

Water is the most vital resource in the world that the Mother Nature has gifted us. But we, the humans has destroyed it to such an extent that it became impossible to control the water contamination. Water is the name of life because we cannot survive with it. There are numerous benefits of water in our body. Without water our body cannot function properly. If our natural resources is misused and continuously destroyed by us then it can cause a threat to human life.  Increasing water pollution not only affects us also dangers the aquatic species. Here are 30 amazing facts about water that everyone should know:

Amazing Facts About Water

Fact 1: More than 650 Million people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water

water related diseases in kids

Fact 2: 68.7% of fresh water on earth is trapped in glaciers

Fact 3: Water is the second most common molecule after hydrogen gas H2

Fact 4: 80% of the water pollution is due to domestic sewage like throwing garbage on open ground and water bodies

water in human body

Fact 5: 70% of the human brain is water

Fact 6: It take 200 litres water to produce coffee beans for one cup of coffee

Fact 7: 90% of the wastewater in the developing countries is discharged into rivers and other streams without any treatment

Fact 8: Water can dissolve more substance into it other than any liquid

Fact 9: Hot water freezes faster than cold water under the same condition it is known as Mpemba effect

Fact 10: Pure water has neutral pH of 7 which is neither acid nor base

access to safe drinking water

Fact 11: According to UNICEF, globally more than 3000 children die every year from drinking contaminated water

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Fact 12: Every Year around 40 billion pounds of garbage which is mostly plastic is dumped into the oceans

Fact 13: The Ganga River in India is one of the most polluted rivers in the world

Fact 14: At birth, water accounts roughly 80% of an infant’s body weight

Fact 15: 80% of illness in developing countries are water related

Water distribution on earth

Fact 16: Less than 1% of water on earth can be used as drinking water

Fact 17: By the time you feel thirsty, your body has already lost 1% of its total water.

Fact 18: There is the same amount of water on earth now as there was when earth was formed.

Fact 19: Water itself do not conduct electricity, it’s the impurities in it that conduct electricity

Fact 20: Each day we lose 237ml (little more than 1 cup) water when we exhale

waterborne diseases

Fact 21: More than 3.4 million die every year due to waterborne diseases

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Fact 22: There are no scientific studies that recommend drinking 8 glasses of water every day

Fact 23: The average amount of water we need each day is about 3 litres for men and 2.2 Litres for women.

Fact 24: Water regulates earth’s temperature

Fact 25: 90% of all impurities rubbish in oceans is plastic.

Chemical disposal in rivers

Fact 26: 40% of the waterways are very dangerous to drink because chemicals and toxins have been thrown into them

Fact 27: The total amount of water on earth an estimated 326 million trillion gallon

Fact 28: The weight a person loses directly after an intense physical work is actually the weight of water, not fat.

Fact 29: There is more water in the atmosphere than in all of the rivers of the planet

Fact 30: Around 315,000 children die every year due to diarrhoea that is caused by polluted water and poor sanitation

All these facts make us understand how important water is and this is why we need to keep it clean. One should never waste the water because all you have is 1% of the total water that can be used. So, take a pledge to never contaminate the water and to keep it clean.

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